A Unique Chance to See an Ice Canoe Race!

Ice canoe racing is unique to Quebec, heritage of harsh winters and heroic ancestors.

The St-Lawrence river area is the only place in the world where it is practiced.

Tides, broken ice and winter weather make it a unique site to practice this extreme sport. Don’t miss the chance to see the races!

In Charlevoix :  La Grande Traversée Casino de Charlevoix
Location : Isle-aux-Coudres
Date : 27 and 28 of January 2012

First race of season, La Grande Traversée Casino de Charlevoix is the only race on salted waters.

Road 138 east, toward Baie-Saint-Paul, then follow the road to Isle-aux-Coudres;  the ferry is free !!!  But the pleasure is unforgettable.

In Québec City : La course en canot du Carnaval
Location : Québec – Lévis
Date : 3 and 5 of February 2012

Since 1955, this race is a "not to be missed" event of Quebec Winter Carnival.

Qualifications are held on hightown Grande-Allée Street on Friday the 3rd. Ideal to see up close canoes and canoers.

From Bassin Louise, the race brings canoers across the river to Levis and back.  Wind, current, ice fields and God knows what are the fabrics of and extreme and spectacular event.

In Portneuf : La course de la banquise Portneuf
Location : Portneuf (Highway 40 west of Quebec, exit 261)
Date : 12 of February 2012

Third of a serie of five races for the Coupe des Glaces, competition is at its peak !!!  Heated facilities with closed circuit TV of the race is a unique treat for a family event.

In Trois-Rivieres : Le Trois-Rivieres Extreme
Location : Trois-Rivieres, Ile St-Quentin 
date : 18 of February 2012

"Corporation pour le développement de l'île Saint-Quentin" proudly announces the rebirth of an ice canoe race at Parc de l’île Saint-Quentin : 3rd edition of Trois-Rivières Extrême.

From the starting line near the marina on the north shore, the canoers will aim for the south shore, reach the Saint-Angele quay of Becancour and then row back toward the starting line.

Will the popularity of canoe competitions in our Mauricie area combined with such a spectacular event as an ice canoe race, be enough to entice a regional team to be part of it ?

In Québec City : Le Grand Défi des Glaces
Location : Québec – Lévis
Date : 3 of March 2012

Last but not least of the season, the Grand Défi des Glaces is held on the St-Lawrence River in front of Quebec City.

March climate is milder and delivers a unique and ice moving challenge to canoers.  The outcome will consacrate the women's and the man's winners of Coupe des Glaces.  Don't miss it !!!


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